Reim-Set: PEARL Reference Pure
24x18 Kick
B:14x6,5 Aluminium Sensitone Snare
C:10 Firecracker steel Snare
D:13x9 Rack Tom
E:16x16 Floor
F:18x16 Floor

Cymbals: Sabian

0: 18 AAXplosion Crash
1:15 AA Sizzle Hats
2: 9 Max Splash
3: 18 AA Medium Crash
4: 21 AA Rock Ride
5: 18 APX Solid Crash
6: 19 AAXplosion Crash
7: 19 AAXtreme China

Toms: Remo Ambassador coated
Snare: Remo CS oder Aquarian Texture coated with dot
 Kick: Evans E-mad

Sticks: Vic Firth Nicko McBrain-Model

Hardware: diverse Pearl-Serien, Powershifter-Pedale

Diverses: TAMA-Rhythm-Watch zum Song-Einzählen
ab und zu auch das YAMAHA-DTX mit Pad für Percussionsounds und EFX

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